Portfolio - Bryan Mills

These are the photographs I am most proud of; the ones I want the entire world to know I made.

More than any others, these photographs represent me, my vision, my expertise, my love of the craft and science that is photography and the happiness in what I've achieved.

They show where I'm going, they show how I got here. They show pride in the end results but the recognition that I'm capable of doing more. There's a peacefulness and quietness to them, but their scale and weight immense, their solitude and focus undeniable.

That they are places difficult to reach, light difficult to capture or techniques difficult to master is intentional, exhausting all of my energy and leveraging the tools at my disposal to their full extent.

They showcase the light while embracing the shadows, presenting the world that can be seen at it's best while exposing a world we can never see through the use of wide angle lenses and photographic techniques that capture the passage of time.

My photography is how you see not what I see, but what I want to see and so if you want to know who I am, you should know these photographs.

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